Assessment 1: Response 5

Anaisha Williams
The Global Humanitarian Project
289 Bahabia Street
Glen Innes, NSW 2370


5th September 2017


Dear Anaisha,

I am writing to you on behalf of United Villages NGO, to ask for funding for an exciting project we are currently working on; the expansion of the Internet Village Motoman Network (IVMN) in remote villages in Ratanakiri, Cambodia.

Our existing Network has already connected 15 schools, teleclinics and a governor’s office to the internet (and email) via offline browser caching. With high illiteracy, poor life expectancy and dependence on subsistive agriculture, this is an important development in the lives of the Khmer Loeu people.

Students and nurses request searches and write emails which are transported by Honda motorbike to a mobile access point. A satellite uplink on the bike is used to connect to the internet. The bike then returns to the village with the answered search queries and email responses.

This project was started in 2006 by Amir Hasson, and has proven itself beneficial within the region – not only in providing essential communications infrastructure, but in improving medical outcomes, educational knowledge and economical opportunities. If we are able to grow the IVMN to include more villages, we may yet see the sharing of diversified and skilled workers between villages, as well as more enduring agricultural practices (preserving the natural beauty of the area).

Your funds will help us grow IVMN to include 15 more schools in surrounding villages. This would be an invaluable contribution to our project and to the villagers of Ratanakiri.

Warm regards,


Suzanne Day
Ratanakiri United Villages Initiative
28A Krong Ban Lung,
Ratanakiri, Cambodia




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