Week 12: Finalising Designs

My invitation and movie poster are finished!

The main typographical decisions I made in my poster focused on the sequence of information in a single page, highlighting communication in an order of priority using contrast, sizing and position. I added balance with white space in the poster and this impacted the length of the communication in important places (such as the tagline).


Here are some images of the final invitation, including overprinted elements:



The key typographical decisions in regards to the invitation centered around organising my sequence properly and working to styles for body text, title text, subtitle text and pull quote text.

I wanted to make sure it was readable, but at the same time to maintain the nice white space balance I had in the movie poster for a matching look, hence the font sizes used were not the largest they could have been, but add to the appearance of the final item, making it look more contemporary. The right aligned text on the mirrored Georgia might not be the finest decision, but I felt it added dramatically to the shape of that particular block, making it more interesting for the reader when faced with lots of text to look at.

Here’s some photos of my final invitation mockup:



One thought on “Week 12: Finalising Designs”

  1. It looks amazing Suzanne. Your refinements have further enhanced your design and concept. An excellent folio piece:)


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