Assessment 1: Response 6

All topics in Contemporary Design were enjoyable, and Data Visualisation and Design for Emotion, were new to me. I learned the most in Data Visualisation, where examples of how to communicate large amounts of data were presented in very interesting ways. Hustwit’s films Objectified and Urbanisation were invaluable in understanding different design problems/solutions and I look forward to watching future films. I gained a greater whole picture perspective on designing for development, sustainability and urbanisation and how to use nature in design solutions. Most importantly, the examples of good design as activism to improve the lot of ordinary people provided hope for the future.

My essay on Design for Emotion gave me a new perspective on the value of consumer goods. Starting from an outlook of economic rejection and then researching why products are important helped me grow as a designer, because I now understand why products are beneficial on a deeper level. I originally became a designer to create art, make things and help others communicate. My essay showed me how a design career can fit meaningfully into the existing economic structure and how to be more thoughtful in creating contemporary design solutions that truly solve problems, rather than create them.


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