Task 1A: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good: Kiri Cream Cheese Spread

The BEL Group knew what they were doing when they made this package of individually wrapped cream cheese squares – the appearance is attractive, the communication effective and the package itself is functional and reusable, with most of it made from biodegradable materials.

Strengths: Attractive package, has a handy tear-open button (glued and perforated) and a cute tray that slides out with a pretty lining. The cheese is individually portioned for use and has a handy foil tab for opening. The shape of the package is good for storage and you can reuse it when the cheese is gone.

Weaknesses: The foil is not biodegradable. There is a risk of over packaging, but as a customer, I enjoyed the “tray” experience and the ease of accessibility with this product.

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The Bad: Zooper Dooper Flavoured Water Ices

Zooper Dooper flavoured ice confectionery is well known in supermarkets across Australia. It offers a bulk pack of icy poles for kids at an affordable price.

Strengths: It’s a popular product that is perceived by the public as being good value and has adequate marketing on it (though the identity of the product could be better). It offers individual portions.

Weaknesses: The packaging has been known to leak onto the supermarket shelves occasionally (the product is not contained or protected as well as it could be). You need a pair of scissors to open the pack and you also need to open individual portions with scissors after freezing (there are no tear cuts). The packaging is all non-recyclable plastic, which is an environmental issue.

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The Ugly: Cevizli Sucuk (Sweet Walnut Jelly Sausage)

This is a very popular product in Europe and is eaten as a snack. The appearance is standard for this type of food, though it isn’t very attractive and it’s hard to access the food inside. Westerners trying it for the first time might be put off by the brown shape, among other things.

Strengths: The packaging is standard and there is a J-hook stamped into the biodegradable cardboard for hanging. The product is well contained and protected and identification is suitable for Turkish consumers.

Weaknesses: The food is in heavy vacuumed sealed plastic, which is an environmental hazard. Not only do you have to play with a thick staple to open the pack, but you need to make two cuts with a pair of scissors. Most people I spoke with opened them this way and there are no pre-cut slits for ripping. Communication is minimal on the front and excessive on the back.

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