Week 11: Invitation Design Refinement


Collaborate – Edits
The second test print and subsequent collaborate session highlighted some important edits to be done.


1. The sequence of information was still not quite right. More ‘unfolding’ and less synopsis was needed on the first few pages. I am editing to build more suspense with the sequence.

2. The studio logo will no longer be CCS (it is a bit awkward) and instead I will use a contemporary film studio logo as advised by ELA.

3. My concerns around the trippy mirrored Georgia image on the inside could be alleviated by creating some differences between the two images. I ended up making a larger/smaller combination.

4. Breaking up the synopsis means that the story is not read all in one space but is spread out more, making it easier to absorb.

5. I put the ‘you are invited to’ on the front as I wanted to build suspense instead of providing the film title up front.

6. I added an extra pull quote to fit in the cabin space on the inside of the design (it looked awkward being an empty inverted pop up space).




The collaborate session was really useful and in adding the edits to my invitation, further inspiration came about, leading to a most interesting typographical arrangement around the mirrored Georgia on the inside.

While right aligned text would not normally be used for readability, I found that it fitted really well for one paragraph in shaping the text around the Georgia in blocks, so that there was an impression of a mountain near the inverted pop up cabin. It added interest to the synopsis (a large, boring block of text).




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