Week 10: Design Development

I did a test print of my invitation and I’m glad I did, as there were quite a few edits:


Test Print – Edits

The main edits in the test print included getting the colours right, matching text sizes all of the way through where possible and adjusting scale/sizing of elements.

Page Notations

1. The cover page is fine. I could make CCS a bit larger for impact. The blue PMS can be adjusted further.

2. The text needs to follow the style of the body text in some way (sizing?)

3/4. Make film title fit better inside popup (reduce size). The word ‘PREMIERE’ to be a bit smaller (match font used for film title?) Date/time/address to be a smaller body text sized type. Kern ‘Charlie Chaplin’ to fix strange gaps and reduce by a point size. Cream colour does not stand out enough – it needs to be a bit darker to impact well on an equal tone/density to the blue. Make the popup dieline thinner and very light (10%).

5. Light body text not working – needs to be a heavier weight. Source text too small. Maybe leave out opening bolded summary sentences? Call it ‘A Silent American Comedy…’ instead of ‘Synopsis’. Remove heavy text from smart quote. Where possible, make smart quote a larger type size.

6. Working perfectly – use these type sizes for body text on other pages.

Initially I was planning to use a die cut as well, however at this point I don’t feel it would necessarily add more to the final product. I don’t want to overdo the special effects and I envision that gluing the inside of the invitation in place or printing it on a slightly thicker stock would produce a polished result instead.

Then remembered to do the second side and started working on a poster for it, including using the inverted popup as a 3D element:


In the background of the white popup, there will be cream and my favourite tree, refeatured again and carrying through the theme from the front of the invitation. The mirrored heads of Georgia tie in with Georgia having two men vye for her attention for most of the movie.

I finalised the design of my movie poster, by fixing the colours (which were a bit flat on the test print), adding the CCS logo and fixing fragments in the logo. The CCS logo didn’t want to fit well down the bottom with the centered layout, hence I discovered that it fitted OK sequentially between the tagline and the image. It also balanced the white space there better.



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