Week 9: Invitation Concept Designs

After lots of experimenting, I decided to stick to simple folds and embellish my invitation with cutouts, diecuts and/or popups. The three folds I liked the most were the 6 page roll fold (with and without lock) and a 10 page unfolding mailer, which could be die cut into interesting shapes.

Of course, I’m hoping that a combination of implementing artwork with one of these folds will unveil more possibilities.

Here are my fold sequences:


I sketched some rough ideas on my A3 layouts with greylead pencil. It was a bit hard to see the impact of the ideas I had, so I redrew over them in fineliner, which made it much easier to choose a design to work with.


Ultimately, I ended up not liking the locking devices and decided the most contemporary and sleek look would be achieved without them. I usually prefer receiving proper invitations in envelopes instead of junky-looking mailers – plus every locking device included reduced the space available. I have decided to work with the non-locked layout and incorporate a definite popup and potentially a die cut (yet to see how die cut would work but aiming some idea with colour showing).

Here’s the progress of my InDesign artwork:


The black dieline is the popup in a cabin shape.


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