Week 6: Book Production

My chosen method of printing was determined by the printer and was digital. I am getting 5 copies of my book printed. Larger runs would have transferred to offset, but offset was too high a cost to do for just 5 copies.

My final experiences with this design process…..I visited my printer today to proof the book. They had accidentally stitched the Singer sewing on the spine instead of 5mm in. I took the proof home and looked at it a lot and the spine stitching grew on me, due to the fact that the book lies flat with it. I decided to go with that, but Spread 7 and the cover needed work to bring it into line with the spinal stitching. The rest of the book was great and the 5mm fold allowance looked better in than out, even with final stitching.

One of the issues to fix was the broken word on Spread 7 – it was originally intended that the letters ran together, but now that we’re doing a flat layout, it needed to be joined up.


I’m not going to enhance my book with a dust jacket as I’m working flat out for the money to pay for printing and I also think a dust jacket on such a thin book that is designed like mine is a bit silly too. I’m beavering away making an interactive PDF at the moment and working blind because I don’t have the latest version of Adobe software. But never mind that, my colleagues and peers are helping! Here are some images of the proof I approved today (though cover and Spread 7 were revamped before going on the press):

Beautiful end tails, love it!


The Singer stitching in the middle looks really nice, with a little texture.


Example of flat layout. I really quite liked it and the fold allowance of 5mm enhanced this book well in the spreads.




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