Week 4: Layout Development

I’ve finished my five spreads for the week – yay!

There is some refinement needed on each of the spreads – Spread 2 is probably my biggest issue as the lizards are very dark and look different to all the other spreads. Still thinking about that one.

I believe I have created consistency and flow across the pages, while adding interest in division of some pages with black backgrounds.

Images will be full bleed for most of the book. Nearly all illustrations are built of parts that were cropped and joined together.

The mood created by the use of black ink is stark, contrasted and fits in with the realist/cynical narrative. Tones may need stabilising across the book – in some places the watercolour elements show and other places it is very black ink. I might stick to the grey/black tones as it adds depth and interest. Working with a very simple restricted colour palette has meant I focused more on shapes and typography to add interest and meaning.

This took a lot of work, with many hours involved in both typography and ink painting. Notes about some of the spreads are below:


Title page

I think the bat is too close to Spread 1, even though it looks OK here. Either swap from Spread 1 with a different bat or change the title page bat.


Spread 1

I think this is almost there, but the word ‘hamburger’ could use some white splodge to match the rest of the spreads and make it less clean.


Spread 2

My worst spread. Still figuring out what to do about the lizards being too inky black and the peacocks word being overly decorated…definite refinement needed on this one.


Spread 3

The ‘Somebody’ could form a microphone shape towards the right of the page. There is a bit of white space that could be uncomfortable for readers. The word ‘paralysis’ needs to look more paralysed (maybe by using one type style instead of many).


Spread 4

This spread is a bit rude, but not many people illustrate it. Potential trapeze artist might be missing. There is a white space that I’m not sure about. The typography looks fine to me!


Spread 5

One of my better ones, the car is flying off with spider legs. I painted a new cacti collection for larger cacti. The ‘TV madness and disaster’ is not quite as interesting as I’d like in the typography.


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