Week 3: Concept Development

Well have I been having fun! In order to map out my concept I enjoyed making a mind map to solidify my ideas:


I started with some basic sketches for Spread 1. Spread 1 (or for that matter, any spread) is hard for me as I’ve never illustrated a book or used Indian ink before. I’m also hopeless at drawing cars. I picked Spread 1 as it will set the tone for the rest of the book in terms of illustration, though I hope to provide a versatile and creative journey all the way through. Here are my sketches:



I then experimented with some ink to see the effects of the different tools I learned about:


I did some typographic research and formulated some text for Spread 1:



Then I dove in and created some ink drawings:


I used my crappy paper for a few drafts where I tried to realise my sketches of the car in a landscape with the bats attacking. Then, after figuring out that tracing a highly contrasted car and painting it with a brush worked the best, I did a rendition on good watercolour paper. I found out during this process that I JUST LOVE making bats with Indian ink, a paintbrush and a straw. I am also quite talented at cacti too, but I’m still hopeless at cars. After sketching and inking several cars in a row I can almost do the detail in my sleep, however I’m not a very proportionate freeform sketch artist, as can be seen in the freeform artwork above.

Ink is a hard medium to control. Hence I made many ink paintings and scanned them all in, converting them to greyscale in Photoshop and then adjusting the levels on all elements equally. I then placed the pathed and cropped adjusted individual images into Indesign with the typography:


Don’t laugh, I am a beginner at this stuff. I’m going to bring the spreads closer together as I work through spreads. This one might get a slight rework. I was then so excited about artwork looking acceptable that I made the front cover:


Some sort of illustration will be on this title page, not sure which one. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did. Share the love!


One thought on “Week 3: Concept Development”

  1. Loving your work with ink Suzanne. You’ve done a great job on the detail of the car and i really like how the bats have come out, especially them all looking different. I think those little inconsistencies add to the narrative of chaos that is such a big part of the story.

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