Week 9: Progress

Splash Screen 1 is coming along nicely. I also noticed someone else had thought of a macaron tower for The Great Australian Bakeoff (the British series is excellent, highly recommend). Here is what they did:


I saw a mag of Who Weekly or similar in the doctors and the macaron tower has lots of interesting floating wafers and marshmallows in it.


The Great Australian Bakeoff 2016, ‘Facebook Cover'[image], The Great Australian Bakeoff Facebook Page, Facebook, viewed 19 January 2016, <https://www.facebook.com/BakeOffAU/photos/a.1629197210674589.1073741827.1554256084835369/1671601006434209/?type=3&theater>.

I plan for mine to be more of an arty or statement piece than a cooking piece, but it was interesting to see this example.

Half of my source images are done. Here is a sample of them:


There were hundreds of photos, so I’m only including what’s been used in the build of my project. I explored with some warped boxes and decided they didn’t really fit entirely to the composition, so I found that two boxes pretty much did the trick. Now I’m adding all the detailed areas like the tractor (and a shadow to come), as well as buttons, lollies, flowers or whatever else makes the macrons extra “fancy”.

As you can tell, I’m enjoying myself immensely, and though my composition does not match my sketch as much as I thought it would, I’m getting a lot of satisfaction with building something that does adhere to “fancy” in an arty way. More to come yet!


Photoshop techniques I have explored so far include:

  • warping (something I was a bit unfamiliar with)
  • pathing
  • gaussian blur filter
  • saturating, hue, RGB levels and cloning
  • file saving in libraries



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