Week 5: Work In Progress

Tools and techniques I have been using in my first plane include:

  • The Pen Tool (for pathing)
  • The Convert Anchor Point Tool (for curving after pathing)
  • Divide, Unite & Trim Pathfinder Tools (for adding together and removing elements)
  • Align Tools (for putting panel flowers on matching y axis)
  • Clipping Mask (for hiding continued patterns)
  • Pattern Swatches
  • Gradients
  • Layer Locking & Stacking
  • Measurements & Co-ordinates
  • Flipping, Reflecting & Rotating With Angles

And more!

Here’s a flower build using my favourite pen drawing and dividing techniques.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

I’ve been busy playing with decorational and detailing elements to add interest and wonder to my plane, as well as creating different pattern swatches to add depth to the panels. I reduced some of the turquoise used in the design and made more use of dark blue as gradients (river) and transparencies (background mountains). This is really helping to build up the landscape.

Pattern playing printscreen:


Extra detail printscreen:


I started working on the back too. Since the front shows lots of colourful panels in solid colour, I’ve chosen patterns which complement the shades used on the front. It’s a simple design, mostly due to the back of the plane not being visible much when folded.


Though it isn’t shown here, I’ve changed all visible fold lines to 0.25pt white and was able to remove many of them, due to the colours indicating the segregation.


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