Week 4: Design Development

I’ve been thinking all along about how to do the inner of Plane 1 – at first I envisioned a landscape with story but I’ve also toyed with a large dala horse head and making use of a horseshoe shape. In the end, I decided on having a landscape, but working it in with the outer so there is a continuous flow of imagery through the different elements.


Here is my preferred option for Plane 1. I like this particular layout because the inner blends into the outer more smoothly and continues the expectation of a landscape, while providing more information inside regarding the tomte. I also like the consistency of the envisaged colours throughout the plane. To me, the inner “surprise” is about the smooth flow from inner to outer, with effective use of busy elements, gradient backgrounds and two scenes (house and landscape).

w41 w42

As you can see, the cloud builds from the house and there is some repetition of flora and step rocks occurring. During this sketch (I made a few), I discovered that continuing a river provided an opportunity to put a coloured nose on the plane, adding interest to the outer. I also was inspired by creating wavy clouds and a cloud shape inside the inner cloud to give it more depth. With much thought to tomte, I decided the gnome should be kept fairly simple – otherwise a gravitation to Christmas elements and recognisable garden gnome figures would be inevitable. Keeping tomte simple fits in well with the dala horse, landscape and style of the project. It also allows me to use colour as a focus on the gnome in the story.


The front and back of my plane in Illustrator (with required fold lines):


Here are some printscreens showing the building and layering process from the scan of Plane 1. Note that the house was built in Week 3, so I cut it in half and brought it in for placement.


And here is the final Plane 1 artwork for this week:


As you can see, there is still more work to be done yet in getting some artwork/patterns for the other panels of the plane and the back, as well as refining the sharp bits in the artwork to be more flowing and organic. I’m really getting used to working with the refined palette and I feel it does make the design pop more than using 101 colours like initially planned. Dardik (my inspiration) uses a refined palette too, though with more colours than I’m using in this design.

In considering the next two planes, things that I want to stay the same to build consistency across the set:

  • Gradient backgrounds
  • House on front
  • Scene or landscape inside
  • Organic shapes
  • Refined colour palette
  • Embellishment on wing

Things which will be different include:

  • House shape and design
  • Scene shape and design
  • Colours used
  • The embellishment design

Potential directions for Plane 2:


My preferred direction is in exploring the tomte and moose relationship. Tomte used moose as a carrier and beast of burden to take chopped wood etc back to the homestead. Moose being wild animals in the mountains and on the plains that could be tamed over time, tomte had to be mobile to find and tame moose, therefore a portable house “tent” is going to be depicted, along with a mountainous landscape and tomte riding a moose. Chopped tree stumps or wood will also feature.

Sketches for Plane 2:

DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-30  DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-31 DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-32DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-33

DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-35 DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-36

And here’s Plane 2. Tomte is more likely to be riding the moose with some cargo, riding supplies back to the homestead from the mountains.

IMG_2722 IMG_2723 IMG_2726

Options for Plane 3:


My preferences for Plane 3 concentrate on tomte with a goat near the homestead. Goats were often used as farming animals, providing milk and furs. Tomte’s relationship with goat is going to be visualised in a homestead environment, preferably showing goat milking and some domestic fencing.

Plane 3 sketches:

DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-42 DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-43 DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-44 DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-45 DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-46 DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-47

DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-48 DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-49DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-50

Final Plane 3:

IMG_2736 IMG_2739 IMG_2741


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