Week 3: Colour

Here’s my original rough from earlier in Week 3:


And here’s some development of the design with colour:


Some exploration of symmetrical foliage ensued, as it was getting to hard to get both sides to match.


I tried printing and cutting out the plane to see how this continued element would look, but it didn’t work very well.


The plane looked too busy and the colours need to shine through better, so I scaled it down to this:


These are colours I want to use. As an activity, I tried using Paletton’s colour wheel with a random selection of colours I don’t often use, to see what else it could look like:

colour2 colour1

And after that, I made a rough sketch of the inner, with more thought put into how to join the two halves of the house together and making the tomte look less like the focus and more like the servant (ie minions group style). Though it seems I have deviated away a bit from Dardik and used inspiration from Romo’s landscapes, I’m exploring the new creative direction as I go.



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