Week 3: Development

In taking sketches into Illustrator and creating the curved paths for the vector art, I found the fineliner I was using a little thick, but this was OK because it added to the freehand look. Here’s the befores and afters of sketch-to-vector in Illustrator of the chosen flora. Colours to be decided when adding flora to other art.

DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-16 DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-17 DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-18 DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-19

Obviously more florals will be needed, I’m thinking more leaves and maybe a few extra flowers. Some softening and establishment of existing path hard and thin edges will also help. I have been enjoying the silhouette white effect of stamens inside the flowers.

I have also been working on the concept of the outer with the bouquets and decided on a change to make it more interesting – in a fit of inspiration, I thought of showing tomte’s “house” for the appropriate scene (eg field for horse etc) – this ties in well with tomte’s connection to nature, role as homestead protector and mythical being status. This concept evolved into some cute sketches to work with, which I will convert into vector art shortly.


I continued sketching some ideas for tomte’s house as well as thinking about the other two planes and their houses with some quick idea listing.

DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-24  DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-25 DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-26 DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-27DCO1002_Bank_Pad_P2_Suzanne_Day_100689124-28

Now, I’m going to path the more desirable bits from different sketches to form the house and then I’ll have a play with the sizing of elements and the addition of pattern/colour in Illustrator.

Firstly, here’s all the desirable bits, including flora done so far…


…and here’s a rough layout in Illustrator. I’ve changed things around a bit to give more of an impression of fields/meadows and still fiddling with the house shape. I like to get the shapes pleasing first before colouring in and some of the flora looks like it might need some rounding on the paths.


Next I made the flat plane vector with 0.25mm dotted lines with exact measurements, then used the panels from that to make an accurate representation, pasting my artwork over the top to see its fitting shape. Still some work to do there to make the design fit in the space better and also in filling up the space more. Had a quick play with some colours, but haven’t put in my own swatches, yet, that’s still to come. I do like the asymmetrical colour shading though!



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