Week 2: Design Proposal

Chosen theme: Scandinavian Folklore

Scandinavian folklore is closely linked to nature and the concept of spirits as fierce caretakers of the natural world. Both the myth of tomtar (homestead gnomes) and the giving of dala offered comforting rituals and emotional and financial nourishment to farming families in (often) uncertain and insecure circumstances.

My design proposal is to depict tomtar and dala animals in their original role (as symbols of abundance and protection) through colourful, modern Scandinavian style illustration, primarily influenced by Helen Dardik. This will communicate the original intention of the myths – to comfort, delight and provide security – through effective, modern visuals with a wide audience appeal.

In illustrating a paper plane with vector art, the 4 Winged Glider allows additional surface area for accenture and is easy to fold.


Here’s some sketches of Scandinavian flora, as converted to simpler shapes. I might do more at some point as the outer of the plane will have a bouquet and I will use size and focus to change the appearance of the bouquet across the three planes.

DCO1002_Digital_Workbook_Full_Suzanne_Day_100689124-16 flowers2



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