Introduction to Design Studio: Digital

About Me

Hi! I’m enrolled in the Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) at Swinburne University. I have always loved creating and making things and have hundreds of hobbies from carving gemstones to reading, blogging, making patterns and inventions and designing my own handcrafts. I’m into upcycling, DIY, lifestyling and making lots of lists and notebooks of my ideas and creations. My primary passion is the internet and design is a big part of who I am.

Here’s a few pics of my favourite handcrafted pieces that I’ve created from scratch (I invented the patterns and new techniques):

Crocheted rag rug – gradated colouring.
Cellini spiral bracelet – Mediterranean colouring.

My Experience In Design

I’ve worked in the design field since 2002 and have held many positions in a variety of companies, agencies and industries, from a Production Designer at a major newspaper outlet to a Communications Manager for a tractor company. I’m an all-rounder, with many skills in design, web design and development, marketing, social media and writing/editing.

> View my LinkedIn profile here

Currently I’m studying at Swinburne to formalise my skills and to refresh my creativity. I have children, some part time jobs, freelancing and many microbusinesses. Going forward, I plan to increase my work in these outlets as I enjoy the variety of task-based work and I’m learning how to harness the internet in my quest for work outside the 9-5 sphere.

I am very experienced with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for everyday design application, however there’s always something new to learn and so many amazing tutorials and techniques to apply that can be found on the web. What I like most about design is the inspiration from others that can be found everywhere you look, as well as being able to produce human-centred and colourful work that stands the test of time (is evergreen).

My Workspace

I enjoy working in a nest. On my desk are some funny Typo stamps (“Oh Crap!” and “Freakin’ Brilliant”), as well as a lucky cat, a miniature Kubota, and lots of notebooks. I tend to organise my entire life from in my workspace and even have a rock display cabinet nearby, as well as a nice window where I can see the rooftops of my neighbour’s houses for a flying feeling. I eat and drink at my desk when my kids aren’t around.

My computer has many spare terabyte hard drives and massive mp3, inspiration and font libraries. I’m very familiar with computer hardware and often buy parts and put them in myself – I can fix viruses and diagnose computer illnesses, due to picking it up from a lot of friends and family in IT.



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