Task 2C: Category Analysis

There appears to be a gap in the self-freeze market for mid-priced products or larger economy bulk products with more servings in them. There is also plenty of room for premium adult products and a need for packaging which is more sustainable.

My product’s packaging is not ideally fit for purpose – it leaks and doesn’t contain/protect the product when transported/stacked. It also has accessibility issues as the packaging requires scissors for opening, and scissors present issues where children might be accidentally harmed. It could also protect children’s fingers from cold better.

The package is not environmentally friendly. Though it offers multiple usage with the bag, it is not often used in that way, leading to lots of throwaway plastic. Reducing the volume of single use plastic or offering recyclable packaging would be a start towards sustainability in this redesign.

Communication of the package is clear and it is visually appealing to its target market of school age children. It is popular in this niche because it has appealing graphics and offers a large range of flavours. Superheroes may not appeal to some children, including girls, but the range of flavours does. The product appeals to parents because there are lots of servings per pack, representing good value for money in its market position.

My redesign can make use of these opportunities by using more sustainable materials wherever possible and by presenting safer option for kids and/or more options for adults, while eliminating wastage for manufacturers and retailers.


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