Task 1B: Observing Packaging At Point Of Sale

For my two retail environments, I visited Coles Campbellfield and Hazel Avenue Milkbar, regarding Zooper Doopers.

Coles offers a variety of the product (frozen, non-frozen) in two different locations instore for people doing their weekly shopping to buy in bulk packs. Products are placed on shelves in their bags or boxes.

The frozen range was in prime real estate and took up a third of the frozen aisle, situated closest to checkouts. The prices here were higher and the boxes more colourful. The water ice section was positioned from eye to floor level with the most attractive, premium packages at eye level.

The non-frozen range was hidden in the middle of an aisle of desserts, near ice cream cones and toppings. It didn’t have its own section sign. Products were located from top to floor level and my product (plastic bagged water ice confectionery) was located waist to floor level, taking up four shelves. Products here had less attractive packaging and cost less per serve. This indicates to me that my product is a bulk product that is popular, but not pushed by Coles because it offers less of a product margin than the frozen items.


The HA Milkbar offers a small selection of frozen water ices for people wanting to buy them individually. These were located in the middle of the ice cream freezers, the side closest to the door. There was a good assortment of ice creams available, but water ices were in a small section on their own with cheaper prices. This indicates to me that the product is popular (occupying prime real estate) but offers less of a product margin than the premium brands, which have a lot of advertising and a larger range.


In redesigning the packaging, I would take into consideration that having a beautiful package is only a small part of the exercise for this product. The aim would be to offer the same concept of having individual portions, while improving the packaging and keeping production costs (and therefore product price) affordable.


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